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Energy windows uk offers a wide range of colours to choose from to suit your new composite door.

Also offering the latest security feature available for every front or back door.

 When Investing in a new front or back composite door, Solidor offers style, security and personality for your home.

Traditional Collection

Energy windows uk offers the Traditional Range from Solidor that brings classic door styles into the modern era. 

Each beautifully crafted composite door style is suited to both traditional and modern properties alike.

The composite  Contemporary Range from Solidor is a new and exclusive collection of ultra-sleek composite doors. 

Solidor offers unique designs, clean lines that add a feel of real luxury to your home.

The Italia composite door Collection is quite simply the most luxurious range of composite doors in the UK market today. 

The Italia composite door range has been inspired by the Italian passion for design and style.


Solidor stunning composite door designs can be specially styled into a handsome set of French doors or extremely practical stable door. There’s also the option to include matching side panels with your chosen front and back doors.

All of our door designs are available as double or French Doors, in all 20 colours. 

If you are a style savvy homeowner then forget typical PVCu French Doors, as a Solidor option can look quite exquisite.

As a result these composite doors are as stunning as they are practical. Therefore all of our standard and many of our Italia Collection door styles can be integrated into a stable door. 

Solidor composite doors offers benefit from different colours inside and out.

Solidor also offer matching side panels from our full range of composite doors in full height and half height options. 

Choose a different colour door frame to the door for added impact when you have a large door area.


It’s reassuring to know that Solidor composite doors are arguably the most secure on the market, featuring insurance and Police approved locking systems.

Ultion Lock

It seems only fitting that the UK’s most secure composite door now features the country’s most secure locking system; the Ultion.

It’s called the ‘Ultion’ because it offers the ultimate in locking protection.

Capable of sensing an attack and subsequently engaging via a hidden lock to prevent intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice.

Analysis has shown that the Ultion easily outperforms the very best 3 star locks in a variety of different tests.

No key, no chance of burglary; the Ultion really is that good.

Lock Lock

With Lock Lock, better security is built right in. 

Because when you lock a door featuring Lock Lock, you lock the spindle. This patented design features a simple, super-safe switch which replaces the need to turn a key to lock your door. 

There’s no fuss, no risk and no searching for keys. You simply press down the switch and your door is more than locked. It’s Lock Locked. So your family is better protected. Instantly.


The AV3 locking system is an automatic multi-point locking system with independently acting hooks for claw action and sealing elements for a dynamic contact pressure. 

By pulling the door closed, the sealing elements and the sturdy hook are triggered by means of a magnetic release on the frame and the door is secured against undesired entry. This ensures that the door always remains securely locked and remains firmly in its frame even without additional locking.

The sturdy hooks, sealing elements and latch can be retracted manually using the locking cylinder or door handle.

Avantis Lock

As you would expect from a pioneer in the composite door market. We’ve pulled off yet another first in the door market with the introduction of the AV2 Heritage Door Lock. This new lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. 

The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the standard Key Wind Up and traditional rim lock used on our doors. 

Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven’t lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and Edwardian period doors and it has been a topic of discussion for the composite door sector.

The AV2 Heritage Locking System has the euro profile locking cylinder at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder.

 The lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed. 

This key feature means that an external lever handle is not required to operate the locking points and the lock can be opened externally by turning the key a quarter of a turn or deadlocked with an additional full turn. 

From the inside, the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn, again with a quarter turn. 

The door is automatically locked when closed from the inside or outside and the key is then required to gain entry from the outside. The AV2 has been engineered and manufactured in Germany as a quality product and is Police Secured by Design and PAS23/24 accredited.

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