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Looking for a new front rockdoor composite door?

When choosing a rockdoor composite door, your front door is the first and last thing your visitors will see. It’s a gateway into your beloved home; where you share some of your most cherished memories and prized possessions.  It’s only right that your home exterior reflects what is inside.

The demands of a front door are plentiful. As a result at Energy windows uk, we take great pride in the ability of our composite Rock door range. Most importantly to meet the varying challenges and demands that homeowners are faced with when looking for a new door. For this reason when it comes to buying a new 50mm thickness secured by design, high impact security rating front door your in good hands 

One of these demands that all UK homeowners require, is the need for their front door to be draught proof. As a result keeping their home warm and cosy. In this sense, a front door is very much the ‘heart of the home. For this reason keeping the heat circulating throughout your home on those crisp winter evenings.

First impressions are important, and that’s why we’re passionate about installing high quality front and back doors. Hence that not only suit your home’s practical needs inside, but also look the part from the outside.

Choose your New Back Door

Home owners often see back doors as less significant as front doors. In other words whether this is because they are not seen or used as much, we’re not sure. But in fact having a carbon fibre reinforcing secure back door is even more important than having a secure front door. Research shows that a door is 70% more likely to be targeted by a burglar. In particular back doors as they are generally out of sight and are typically a much inferior door.

With the frightening news that police may no longer attend burglaries hitting the headlines. Choosing a composite door for your back doors seems like the only choice to keep you, your family and your possessions safe. Rock door door has over 25 styles of composite doors, all of which are available in 13 colours. So although your back door may not be in the pride of place it can still look it’s best whilst ensuring you and your family are safe. No matter how hard they try to get in, the only way through a Rock door is with a key.

With a range of stylish exterior back door designs available we guarantee to have a back door that will suit your requirements. Browse our new brochure for the latest glaze technology and glass design.

Stable Doors

A Rockdoor Stable Door is quickly becoming an increasingly popular back door fitting choice. The stable door is a single door which can be opened in two halves for versatility. A fantastic solution for those with pets or small children. The stable door ensures safety whilst allowing fresh air to flow through the home.

A Stable Door ingeniously combines the purposes of a door and window without requiring the space for both! Rock door Stable Doors carry the lowest U-Value and Energy Rating compared against any other Stable Door on the market.

Built to the same high performance specifications as our range of Rockdoor composite doors. As a result you’ll benefit from the same security, durability and low up keep when you choose a Stable Door. By providing the functionality and benefits of a traditional Stable Door. In addition with the advanced technology of modern uPVC door, a Rockdoor Stable Door is perfect for your home. Whether you live in a traditional country cottage or a modern townhouse, convenience and security is key.

Rock door Stable Doors combine the award-winning security that Rock door composite doors are so well known for. Thus with the convenience and style that you desire for your home. 

One of the main reasons homeowners like to choose a Rockdoor Stable Door is because it allows you to open the top part of the door for ventilation. As a result keeping your children and pets safe and secure inside. When you need the benefits of a window and the security of a composite door, you need a Rock door Stable Door.

French Doors

For those with a large aperture for the back door. The Rockdoor French Door could be just the solution for you. As with all of our composite doors they offer style, security and thermal efficiency whilst allowing light in to the room.

Some may think that French Doors are an easy target for burglars. However, our range of French Doors feature an aluminium core along with a high security multi point locking system. As a result there will be no unwanted visitors coming through a set of Rock door French Doors, that’s for sure!

How are Rockdoor French Doors so Strong?

For extra strength, an aluminium reinforced inner frame is added to our range of Rockdoors resulting in solid fixings to all the door locking components. An integral part of our composite French Doors is top and bottom steel shoot bolts that securely fasten into the outer frame. Yet the second door has zinc hooks to strongly fasten the two doors together ensuring they can’t be forced apart. No matter how hard a burglar tries. Add state-of-the-art hinges and steel dog bolts and you’ve got a truly safe doorway, that you’ll only be able to access with a key.

Vault Doors

The Rockdoor Vault is ideal for composite back doors, particularly if you feel vulnerable in your home. Or if your home has a secluded back garden. The Rockdoor Vault door is extremely strong, making it almost impossible for a burglar to get into your home through the back door. The Vault works by having a special lock that only works from the inside of your house, leaving no external cylinder lock a burglar can attack. After all, how often do you use your key to lock the back door from the outside? 

Energy Efficiency

With such large glass panels, French Doors are clearly a cause for concern when it comes to energy savings, or it was a concern. At Rockdoor we used all of our resources to develop French Doors that truly live up to modern energy standards. 

Door Colours

 Create a door to suit your property with a Rockdoor. With 13 colours to choose from and hundreds of front and back door styles. You can rest assured that your door will not only be secure, but it will look the part too!

Each of our coloured doors are protected with Heat Shield technology and feature a stunning wood grain texture both on the interior and exterior. So you can appreciate your new composite door long after you close it to the outside world.

With the ability to choose a different colour for the internal and external side of the door and with most colours coming with the option of matching frames. A Rockdoor truly allows flexibility when choosing a composite door for your home.

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